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Welcome to Transition at Leeds West Academy.

At Leeds West Academy we have two members of staff who work on developing an exciting and effective transition programme for our pupils. On this page you will find: our key priorities for the transition programme, key dates and events, a virtual tour of the school, introduction to different departments, a range of links for specific information, and FAQs.
Key contacts for all transition enquiries should be directed to: Donna Hobson & Victoria Richardson.
Our direct email is: LWAParents@whiteroseacademies.org

Donna Hobson


Hello, I have worked at Leeds West Academy for 11 years. As well as being one of the Transition Leaders, I am also the Assistant SENCO, which means I support students who may have additional needs, and I provide extra academic support. I am looking forward to meeting you, and helping your child settle in at Leeds West Academy. 

Victoria Richardson

Hello everyone, I have worked at Leeds West Academy for 4 years. Alongside my role with Transition, I am a Geography Teacher—this allows me to get to know lots of students really quickly! I am really looking forward to helping you, and your child, start your journey at Leeds West Academy.


The transition from Year 6 into 7

How we work with primary schools:

Here at Leeds West Academy we aim to make the transition process as smooth as possible as we understand it can be an anxious time for many students. Our Transition Team continuously work on developing a fantastic programme that includes a variety of events and activities to ensure that Year 7 students feel confident in beginning their journey at LWA.

At the forefront of our transition programme is a priority to develop relationships between pupils, staff, parents and the community. We invite primary schools to bring their Year 6 students into the academy to allow them to experience aspects of the curriculum that they may not have experienced before such as Technology, Science practical experiments in a laboratory, and using a variety of equipment in P.E,. This also gives them the opportunity to explore the building, work with other pupils and meet a variety of staff members.

Leading up to the transition period, our Transition Team visit each student at their primary school to prepare them for life at our Academy. We have an informal chat with students individually, helping to alleviate any concerns about the move to secondary school.. We also provide them with a transition handbook and a wonderful project to complete over the summer holidays to further prepare them for their new school.

Our transition day in July is a fantastic opportunity for new students to experience life at Leeds West Academy. The day comprises of a fabulous array of experiences, including sessions in Science, Food Technology and PE. The day culminates in a performance in the theatre from our cheerleaders, Performing Arts  and music students.

What’s new?

This year, we have been working hard with our great colleagues here at LWA to develop a series of different activities for primary pupils to be involved in. There will be a range of pre-recorded videos, live lessons delivered to primary schools and some fun virtual challenges.


Click here to see our Virtual Tour of the school!

Transition 2022-23

Firstly, we hope that you and your family are safe and well during these unprecedented times. We also want to reinforce how delighted we are that your child selected Leeds West Academy as their secondary school of choice. We are extremely excited to meet them and for them to join us in September.

In the coming weeks, our Year 6 to Year 7 Transition Programme will commence. Our intention is to ensure all Year 6 students get to visit Leeds West Academy at least once before the summer holidays to partake in a range of activities designed to give students information and confidence about joining us in September. we will be holding our transition day in July. Further information about each child's Transition Day allocation will be sent to you and your child's primary school in June.

In addition, please look out for the Leeds West Academy's Transition Booklet which will be emailed out to parents in June. This electronic booklet contains lots of information about our school, and may answer any questions you have. Further communication about how to register your child's information, messages from the Principal and the opportunity to have an online one to one pre-admission meeting will be distributed in June. It is important that you respond the requests for information promptly.
In the meantime if you require any support please do not hesitate to contact the school during the hours of 9am-3.00pm on 0113 229 5454.







Transition Guide 2022 - 2023

Transition Letter


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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Will I be in a form with my friends from primary school?

We do our best to to place students in forms with their friends, however it is not always possible for students to be matched. However, when there are numerous students joining Leeds West Academy from a primary school, we try to ensure students are in a form with a familiar face.

  • Can I use my phone in school?

Mobile phones are not allowed to be used in the academy. Students who bring their mobile phones to school must ensure that their mobile phone is turned off and in the bottom of a school bag. 

  • Can I buy breakfast at school?

Yes, the canteen is open from 8am-8.25am. 

  1. How do I buy food at school?

Parents/carers will be given an online account on SQUID to top up students accounts. This means that instead of cash, biometric (fingerprints) identification is used. This helps to keep queues moving faster, allowing students more time to eat. 

Click here for further information about sQuid. 

  1. Will I be able to use a locker?

Lockers are available at the cost of £10 deposit for a key. This deposit will be returned on receipt of the key and subject to returning the locker in an appropriate condition. Your child can enquire about a locker at our Student Reception when they commence Leeds West Academy. 

  1. What happens if I am late to school?

You will receive a written comment in your planner. You must be in your Form Room for 8.30am. 

  1. Who can I go to if I need help?

Your Form Tutor will be your first point of contact who you will see every day if you have any concerns. You will also have a team of Pastoral staff who will be there to support you.

If you feel you need more professional help for your mental health and well-being we have a counselling service on site that you can access which your Form Tutor will be able to give you more information about. 

  1. What is the Student Planner?

Every student will be issued with a timetable and a student planner on their first day in September. The planner is used to record homework, to communicate with parents, to review progress and to record rewards and consequences. We ask all parents to regularly check planners and sign them each week. Students are expected to have their planners with them at all times. The planner also provides key information about the Academy, providing a useful source of information for parents and students. 

As the planner is an essential element of the home school partnership the expectation is that it remains graffiti free. If a child is found to have put graffiti on their planner they will need to purchase another at the cost of £5 from the Student Reception. 

  1. What are the Core Values and Expectations?

At the centre of Leeds West Academy life are 6 Core Values: Resilience, Independence, Respect, Responsibility, Participation and Aspiration.

These Core Values underpin everything we do on a daily basis, ensuring that all students and staff know the role that they have to play in both our school and wider community as a whole. We expect everyone at Leeds West Academy to follow three simple rules; Be Ready. Be Respectful. Be Safe.