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Revision Guidance

LWA Big 6 Revision Tips

1.Make time

Create time in your evenings and weekends to revise regularly.

-Create a revision timetable and stick to it.
-Revise in 30-minute chunks and then break.
-Revise additional content (on top of your set homework) that you studied last week/month/year.
-Keep practising recalling the knowledge. Do it again and again.
-Revise away from other distractions (like your phones)

2.Recall from memory

Write or say everything you know about a topic, without looking at your notes.


-Read a revision guide/your notes and then re-write everything you can without looking. How much can you remember?
-Do the same task a day and then a week later. Check back at the guide to see what you missed. Then do it again.

With a friend, parent or carer:
-Give them the revision guide/your notes and ask them to ask you questions on the core knowledge. How much can you recall? Can you answer all of their questions accurately?

3.Condense it down

Take a lot of knowledge, then make it smaller (but so that you could still expand it again in its entirety).

-Turn 100 words into 30 words OR Turn 1 long quote into 1 word
-Make a mind-map but only write down key facts and words
-Memorise acronyms
-Create flashcards

4.Visual variety

Use colour and images to help you remember key factual information.

-Revise using different colours and colour-code your topics.
-Draw small pictures next to your annotations.
-Turn your bedroom, home, bathroom into a revision palace by sticking mind-maps on the walls.
-Stick up annotated post-it notes all over your bedroom/house.

5.Perfect past papers/practice questions

Completing past papers are excellent ways to test whether you can apply your knowledge and skills.

-Complete an additional past paper/question at home.
-Check whether you can do it without looking at notes.
-Check whether you can do it in the right amount of time.

6. The Technology Type

-Use your phone or your computer to support revision.
-Use an app e.g. Gojimo/Memrise
-Use GCSE Bitesize
-Record yourself and listen back to what you could recall



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