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Behaviour at Leeds West Academy

All schools within the White Rose Academies Trust are committed to providing the best possible learning experience for all students. We believe that a high standard of behaviour is fundamental to students taking full advantage of their learning opportunities, whilst fully achieving their full potential. This puts the onus on teaching staff to deliver engaging and motivational lessons and to assist students to develop key life skills of politeness, respect for all and self-reliance.

The impact of these character traits/behaviours will benefit the students, their families and have an impact on the wider community. Our Academies see parents/carers as important partners in upholding our core values and encouraging positive attitudes to learning.

Our Positive Behaviour systems have been designed to significantly reduce fixed term exclusions and to engage students in displaying positive behaviour that will allow them to benefit fully from their education.

Classroom Expectations

Verbal Reminder / Formal Warning / Consequent Comment to be issued whenever the expectations below are not met

Arrive on time, fully equipped and ready to work.


Automatic late comment

Respond instantly to staff instructions; first time, every time.   Respect everyone’s right to learn, and do not disrupt the learning of others. Communicate with the teacher by putting up your hand and waiting for permission to speak.
Take pride and complete all work set to a high standard, making maximum use of the learning time. Be polite and show respect for all people. Take responsibility for your actions and accept that sanctions are a result of making poor choices. Stand in silence at the end of the lesson, and leave the classroom in a calm and orderly manner. 

The Deal - Dedicated to Enhancing Attitudes to Learning

The DEAL has been shared with all stakeholders regarding the promotion of mutual respect throughout the LWA community.  This was structured to highlight how staff will show respect to students, and how students will show respect to staff.

Staff will:

  • Welcome students to lessons.
  • Listen to students, showing respect and giving all students the opportunity to contribute.
  • Challenge racist, homophobic or other discriminatory language.
  • Ensure all requests are reasonable and where there have been issues, ensure a ‘clean slate’ every lesson.
  • Challenge students who are using poor language towards others, or being aggressive.
  • Create a safe learning environment where students feel safe to learn.
  • Plan engaging lessons that enables and supports all students to make outstanding progress.
  • Ensure students leave lessons in the correct uniform and in an orderly manner. Challenge students wearing uniform incorrectly around school.
  • Model the expectations for caring for our environment. Ensure the teaching environment is tidy, organised and models pride.
  • Follow the PB Policy fairly, to ensure consistency of expectation across LWA.
  • Be on duty and on time to ensure LWA is a safe place for all.
  • Mark work and promote pride in presentation.
  • Set homework regularly to support your progress.

Students will:

  • Follow the rules of PB and the instructions of all staff first time, every time. Do their best to achieve the various rewards on offer.
  • Be polite to everyone in our community, using an appropriate tone of voice and appropriate volume when speaking to others.
  • Try to understand other points of view. Listen to others, and expect to be listened to.
  • Help other students and staff when appropriate and know they can ask for help from students and staff to overcome barriers. Show resilience and not give up.
  • Refrain from causing upset or bullying others. Avoid using any form of social media to name-call, bully or promote violence. Refrain from using foul or discriminatory language.
  • Not verbally or physically abuse anyone in school, or on the way to and from LWA.
  • Turn off mobile phones etc and place them out of sight when on corridors and in lessons.
  • Respect the Academy and local environment. Put litter in a bin and only eat and drink in designated areas.
  • Ensure uniform is worn correctly. Bring all equipment required every day, including their planner.
  • Not wander the corridors or truant.
  • Avoid any behaviour that would bring the school into disrepute, either in school or the wider community.
  • Show pride in presentation. Work to the best of their ability and ask for help when required. Record all homework in their planner, ensuring this is done to the best of their ability, and handed in on time.

 Pastoral Team 

Year 7:
Head of Year: Miss Wilson
Student Support Officers: Miss Delaney and Mr Amin  
Year 8:
Head of Year: Mrs Marsh
Student Support Officer: Mr Amartey 
Year 9:
Head of Year: Miss Johnston
Student Support Officer: Mr Marshall
Year 10:
Head of Year: Mrs Ramsden
Student Support Officer: Miss Hopkins 
Year 11:
Head of Year: Miss Hoyle
Student Support Officer: Miss Lawrence 

Positive Behaviour in Practice - Rewards

At LWA we also pride ourselves on a highly effective rewards system that acknowledges and celebrates the achievements and successes of all our students. Across the Academy; inside and outside the classroom, staff consistently practice a ‘catch them being good’ rewards system that provides our pupils with opportunities to be recognised and praised for their academic achievements, progress, contributions to the school community, behaviour and attendance. We strongly believe that students should be regularly and fairly rewarded for their achievements, to not only celebrate students’ successes, but to also inspire and motivate young people to achieve their very best and become confident, independent learners.




Positive Behaviour in Practice - Sanctions





To view our Positive Behaviour Policy, please visit the Policies page by clicking this link.