Leeds West Academy


Personal Development Curriculum 

Aims of our Personal Development  

  • An extensive age and stage appropriate preventative curriculum that allows students to be informed of their own personal, social, health and economic education becoming fully equipped to recognise risks and make their own healthy choices

  • A cohesive transition and careers programme which prepares students for future success in education, employment and training

  • Provide opportunities and a set of rich experiences in a coherently planned way in the curriculum and through extra-curricular activities

Areas of Personal Development 

  • Personal, Social, Health Education and Relationship, Sex and Health Education
  • Social Moral, Spiritual and Cultural and British values
  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
  • Careers and transition phases
  • Enrichment and extracurricular


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Year 7 Overview

Half Term 1 Welcome to Leeds West Academy, Transition and Safety
Half Term 2 Building Relationships
Half Term 3 Health and Puberty
Half Term 4 Religions and the Wider World
Half Term 5 Developing Skills and Aspirations
Half Term 6 Developing Skills and Aspitations 

Year 8 Overview 

Half Term 1 Emotional Wellbeing
Half Term 2 Discrimination
Half Term 3 Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion
Half Term 4 Identity and Relationships
Half Term 5  Beliefs and Meaning
Half Term 6  Alcohol and Drugs 

Year 9 Overview 

Half Term 1 Peer Influence, Substance use and Anti-Social Behaviour
Half Term 2 Setting Goals
Half Term 3 Employability Skills
Half Term 4 Respectful and Intimate Relationships
Half Term 5 Healthy Lifestyles
Half Term 6 

Morality and Diversity 

Year 10 Overview 

Half Term 1 Healthy Relationships
Half Term 2 Shaping your Future
Half Term 3 Addressing Extremism and Radicalisation 
Half Term 4 Exploring Influence
Half Term 5  Morality and Diversity
Half Term 6 Mental Health and Preparing for Exams

Year 11 Overview 

Half Term 1 Next Steps
Half Term 2 Building for the Future
Half Term 3 Communication in Relationships and Families
Half Term 4

 Health and Emotional Wellbeing