Leeds West Academy


Dance and Drama  

Dance and Drama at Leeds West Academy are thriving, passionate and achieving subjects where students are able to express themselves and work collaboratively with others to produce engaging and original performances.


Within Drama, students will explore how to devise, work from script and analyse and evaluate live theatre. Students will have the opportunity to watch the work of professionals, both live and in class, and take on the role of director, whilst exploring why theatre is created and its purpose. Students will also have the opportunity to learn how to programme lighting and sound from a technical perspective to gain an insight in to what happens backstage.   

Within Dance, students explore how to choreograph, learn set phrases and analyse live performance which centres around a variety of different cultures and styles. Students will learn different styles such as hip hip, street dance, ballet and contemporary. They will also be introduced to different genres such as site specific dance, disability in dance and sport in dance as well as taking part in our annual shows such as the Halloween Show, Christmas Show, Dance Show and Summer Showcase.  

Extra- Curricular within our department is of high quality. We put on a range of clubs, including: 

  • Key Stage 3 Dance Company
  • Key Stage 4 Dance Company
  • Drop in Drama Club
  • Technical Club (which focuses on lighting, set building, sound and costume) 

We also run a yearly musical, in collaboration with the Music Department. This is on an audition basis where students apply to be part of a performing community and get a taste of what it is like to be in the industry.  


Click here for Curriculum Map for Dance and Drama.


For further information on the curriculum offered please contact the Academy F.A.O Miss Amy Newsome by phone 0113 2295454 or by email newsome.a@whiteroseacademies.org