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At Leeds West Academy we strive to have an extra-curricular provision that broadens students' horizons and allows them to experience life outside the classroom. From Year 7-11 students can access our extra- curricular timetable which will be updated every term along with our lunch time programme where students have access to sport, fitness and Performing Arts. Below is a list of some of the clubs that students can get involved in when they arrive at the academy. Some of the clubs are also sign up only and will be advertised during their form time. Some are also subject to different year groups which every student will have the opportunity to access during their time at Leeds West Academy.

Extra-Curricular Activities 

  • Sweet Treats Baking Club
  • Key Stage 3 Dance Company
  • Key Stage 4 Dance Company
  • Astronomy Club
  • Duke of Edinburgh
  • All Sporting Clubs on the P.E Timetable including Badminton, Football, Gymnastics, Trampolining and Netball.
  • Homework Club
  • Maths Club
  • Chess Club
  • Board Games Club
  • Music Band Club
  • Technical Club
  • Whole School Show



At Leeds West we also hold a variety of trips throughout the year which are growing in number. Each year students have the opportunity to attend trips via rewards and via subject areas. This year students have the opportunity to attend a theme park at the end of the year, as well as find out about Subject Area trips such as the Move It Convention and a trip to the Leeds Grand Theatre.

Trips that your child can get involved with could include:

  • Sporting Tours
  • Live Football Matches
  • Move It Dance and Drama Convention in London
  • Theme Park Reward Trip
  • Empower Trips
  • Leeds Grand Theatre
  • Leeds City Varieties Pantomime

Student Leadership 

Alongside our Enrichment and Extra Curricular Timetable, we have a student leadership group that is made up of a combination of different year groups and is lead by our Senior Student Leadership Group in Year 11. The Student Leadership Group ensures that student voice is heard and active change is made. They meet once a week and discuss how they can positively support change across the academy. Each year students can also apply to be apart of the programme and in Year 10, students will have the opportunity to apply to be a Head Student who meet with Senior Leaders.

If your child is part of the SLT, they will have the opportunity to be involved in:

  • Making positive change to school life
  • Meeting with Senior Leaders
  • Meeting once a week to discuss policy
  • Creating Form Time Resources
  • Supporting Application Processes and Job Roles
  • Supporting Engage and Enrichment Events


Empower is a programme dedicated to empowering year 10 students. We are focused on female empowerment, and so are open to any students who identify as female. We deliver sessions helping students to become aware of and to overcome many challenges women face such as self-esteem, body image, how to deal with harassment and toxic friendships to name a few.

Our students also improve their own leadership abilities and by the end of the programme are accredited a level 2 Student Leadership Qualification (SLQ). They achieve this by planning and delivering their own session based on a STEM topic and deliver this to year 5 and 6 students.

We also go on various trips throughout the year, such as looking at getting more women in STEM careers and so we have visited talks with environmental agencies, bomb disposal workers, Leeds University and Leeds City College to explore various career routes to get more young women involved in.

Our sessions run every Wednesday from 3:00-3:30pm. Students can get involved through filling out a short application form, through teacher recommendation, or by sharing interest with the Empower lead: Abigail Morley 

Duke of Edinburgh

The Duke of Edinburgh Award at Leeds West Academy is now going into its fourth year. Students in the Y9 and Y10 cohort can now sign up for a place for 23/24. For further information please speak to Mr Appleby appleby.c@whiteroseacademies.org

What is The Duke of Edinburgh Award?

The Duke of Edinburgh Award is an internationally recognised award that provides students opportunities to develop their skills and qualities. All students are given time to develop their sense of identity and responsibility which in turn improves their confidence and self-belief. They are also encouraged to build on their leadership skills and understand how to problem solve and work as a team. This in turn enhances their level of independence, empowering students to become a positive role model for the future.

How does it work?

Students enroll onto The Duke of Edinburgh Award through LWA and receive an introductory pack that will guide you through the process of completing tasks and recording evidence. Students then attend weekly optional meetings where they will receive support and advice about their award. Students can currently achieve their Bronze and Silver award at LWA. 

Starting with the Bronze Award you will spend at least three months engaging in the following activities:

  • Volunteering in your community
  • Learning a new skill or pursuing a new hobby
  • Taking part in physical recreation

Students Own your DofE and create your own personal programme of activities: helping others, pushing yourself physically, gaining skills and in the future months, going on a residential/expedition. 

Parents and Carers Young people are responsible for creating and doing their own DofE programmes, but parents and carers can play an important role in supporting them. If you are new to DofE, check out the basic info and FAQs on the Duke of Edinburgh website

How do you enroll and get started?

To enroll and to get full details get in touch with Mr Appleby appleby.c@whiteroseacademies.org

You will then get your log-in details which you will receive via email. There are more details on how to set up your Duke of Edinburgh account here

Duke of Edinburgh Photographs 

Duke of Edinburgh 2023

Duke of Edinburgh 2022

LWA Staff Quotes 

Here at Leeds West Academy, staff are super excited about the launch of The Duke of Edinburgh Award and are keen to be involved and supporting of the students  -

‘DofE is your time to stand out from the crowd on your CV and develop life skills. You will have an experience like no other, you will learn survival skills, improve your physical skills, give something back to the community. It's your time to work on your independence skills, explore and work as a team. My favourite part though is that you get to make life long friends and have an adventure at the same time. Not to mention the expedition where you get to cook on a Trangia and camp. It's lots of fun so get involved.’ Mrs Harrison


''Duke of Edinburgh for me was my first opportunity to be truly independent and do something I had complete control over. From deciding what I would do for my skill, physical and volunteering sections to planning what I would cook on expedition. I created lifelong friendships and memories on the Bronze, Silver and Gold expeditions whilst contributing to my local community by volunteering for the Scouts organisation for three years. The awards are a chance to test yourself and overcome challenges you never thought possible.'' Mr Appleby


‘For me, the Duke of Edinburgh’s award really built my confidence.  The different sections were all challenging and rewarding in their own way, but the real highlight was the expedition.  To be expected to travel through beautiful scenery, be completely self-sufficient, navigate, cook, camp and work as a team was an awesome experience for a 14 year old.  After progressing all the way to Gold award standard, travelling to St James Palace in London to receive my award from the Duke of Edinburgh himself was the culmination of years of enjoyable, rewarding hard work.’ Mr Stalford

Useful Links

More information can be found on the Duke of Edinburgh official website - www.dofe.org