Leeds West Academy


Equality, Diversity and Inclusion 

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion 

At Leeds West Academy, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion are three aspects of academy life that we strive to embed throughout the curriculum and outer experiences. We believe that every child should be known, valued and supported throughout their time at Leeds West Academy and have the opportunity to express their opinions, thoughts and feelings safely. Students will be able to develop their tolerance and awareness throughout the Personal Development Curriculum, Enrichment Clubs and in lessons where they can explore different cultures and celebrate differences.  

This year students have the opportunity to access the following events:  

  • EDI Celebration Day  
  • Form Time Activities and Drop Down Days  
  • The EDI Student Leadership Group run by the ED Lead.  
  • Rainbow Club which supports and celebrates LGBTQ+ 
  • House Competitions where students have the opportunities to win prizes and points.  
  • Pride Festival  
  • Personal Development Curriculum which explores examples of culture, morality, diversity and racism.