Leeds West Academy


Anti-Bullying at Leeds West Academy


Leeds West Academy have several students who are actively involved in improving the ethos of the school by supporting and promoting an Anti-Bullying environment.

The students have taken part in training to become an Anti-Bullying Ambassador (ABA) provided by the Diana Award. The training gave them an insight into how they can fully support the school in campaigning against bullying by raising awareness and setting up a support system for students.

"Our aim is to make everyone aware of what bullying is and how we can work together to make our school a bully free environment."


 The LWA Anti-Bullying Ambassadors

  • Myla-Emm

  • Layla

  • Abdallah

  • Mary

  • Felipe

  • Michaela

  • Liselot

  • Bethany

  • Teagan.

As a team they have worked on a two-year programme of events that will build knowledge and understanding of Anti-Bullying and how the school as a whole can promote and support each other to reduce and eradicate bullying. The students plan to utilise their webpage to provide information for everyone to get involved and see their progress.

What is bullying?

Bullying is repeated negative behaviour that is intended to make others feel upset, uncomfortable or unsafe. There are three types of bullying: Verbal, Physical and Indirect.

Verbal Bullying is the repeated, negative use of speech, sign language, or verbal gestures to intentionally hurt others. Physical Bullying is the repeated, negative use of body contact to intentionally hurt others, for example: kicking, punching, slapping, inappropriate touching or spitting. Indirect Bullying is the repeated, negative use of actions, which are neither physical or verbal, for example spreading rumours, purposefully excluding another person, damaging or stealing some’s property, or cyberbullying. Cyberbullying is the repeated use of technology to intentionally hurt others eg: posting unwanted pictures and hurtful messages, accessing another person’s account to impersonate or harass someone, and sharing other people’s private and personal information online.

What are the LWA ABAs planning to do?

This year we are going to:

  • Launch a Lunchtime support group, Lunchtime activity club, and a Buddy System
  • Set up a weekly news slide to promote and communicate the ABAs and their plans
  • Plan some days in the calendar throughout the year that promote positivity and kindness for all
  • Make sure there are form time and assembly resources available to help support everyone

Our Anti-Bullying Ambassadors have been chosen as the Diana Award Ambassador School of the Month in May!

We are beyond proud of our Anti-Bullying Ambassadors - chosen as the Diana Award Ambassador School of the Month in May!

This is a fantastic achievement, as they have been chosen out of over 1000 active Anti-Bullying Ambassador schools! They have achieved something truly incredible!

This month, we would like to celebrate the fantastic achievements of the Anti-Bullying Ambassadors at Leeds West Academy. The Ambassadors earned their Wellbeing Badge earlier in May, and we were blown away.  

The Ambassadors completed a wide range of actions to earn their badge. They created a fantastic promotional video for students, staff, and parents/carers to learn more about bullying behaviour. They also rewrote an accessible, student-friendly Anti-Bullying Policy and set up a lunchtime drop-in group for students to access support. The Ambassadors’ activities strongly emphasised the importance of peer support, which was great to see!  

What stood out was the team’s two-year plan, created by Ambassadors to ensure all members of the team stay invested in the anti-bullying mission. As part of this plan, the Ambassadors reflected on their progress and considered how they could improve in the future. They understand that meaningful social action work takes time, and we are so impressed by the drive these Ambassadors have shown! 

We cannot wait to check back next year to find out how they’re getting on! .'' The Diana Award 

All the Student Ambassadors have worked hard to promote Anti-Bullying this year and i am proud and very impressed with their commitment to such an important topic.'' Mrs Jennings, Director of Community Engagement at Leeds West Academy