Leeds West Academy


 Aspire Virtual Summer School

Over the Summer break you have access to a range of independent learning in English, Maths and Science. Each subject has provided you with a series of five lessons followed by some project work. Once complete, save your project work onto your OneDrive account. There will be an opportunity to share your project work with your Buddies and Academic Champions once you start your studies in September.

You will have to log on using your White Rose Academies Trust email address in order to access the Aspire Summer School resources.


Delve into the world of structures in nature. This series of lessons and project work will allow you to investigate how nature uses structures and shapes to its advantage and will lead you to question whether humans invented maths or nature itself inspired the mathematicians of old.

Click here to view Structures in Nature.

Click here to find instructions to make your very own structure – honeycomb. It’s important that you only make honeycomb with adult supervision. 

Click here to find instructions to make your very own bacteriophage.  

We are looking forward to seeing all the structures in nature you have discovered over the summer break!



Our Aspire Maths lessons and project work will allow you to become a master of ratio! Click here to view Aspire Project Maths. 

These lessons are designed to really test your skills and knowledge so do not worry if you find them a little bit tricky, we really value the attribute of perseverance, so give it your best shot!

The resources below will help you to complete your Maths project work:

Click here for Aspire Spot the Mistake. 

Click here for Aspire Triangle.

Do not worry if you don’t have a printer. Carefully trace the diagrams from your computer screen or test your skills of accuracy by recreating the triangles using a pencil and a ruler


Our Aspire English work guides students through an anthology of poetry, providing with you with the opportunity to develop personal responses whilst carefully considering what it means to be British. 

Click here to view Aspire Project English. 
Click here to view 'I Come From' by Dean Atta. 
Once complete, students are challenged to create their own poem inspired by the work of Dean Atta using the 'I come from' format. Practice performing your poem at home ready to share with the Aspire cohort come September. We can't wait to find out what it means to be you.