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Working Together to Reach Your Potential

Congratulations to all students in Year 11, 12 and 13 who achieved tremendous examination grades this summer. There has been some superb achievement from students in each year group and we hope all students are feeling relaxed, refreshed and ready for the year ahead. The 2017-18 calendar year will be a key year for all our Sixth Form students as they seek to build on their successes and learn from any mistakes - and we will work incredibly hard as we seek to provide the very best challenge and support to help every one of our students go on to achieve their full potential in their post-16 studies.

Welcome to a new academic year with endless opportunities!

Best wishes,

Mr Rand
Head of Post-16


Changes for all Year 12 and Year 13 students to be aware of:

  • Form time will begin at the start of the day at 8.25 am and we expect all sixth formers to arrive punctually to form every day.
  • All sixth formers will be given a student organiser and will be expected to use to write down their homework, deadlines and track their attendance on a daily and weekly basis.
  • We will have a sixth form leadership committee that will meet every week to help shape the direction of the sixth form. Students will be selected on the basis of a democratic election.
  • As well as great lessons taught by high-quality teachers, we also want all students to experience better extra-curricular activities and more trips.



Success stories

Last year’s Year 13 were a great group of people and we are proud to see them develop into successful young adults. So many of them have found success in finding a great job or a brilliant university course. There are some highlights listed below.

  • The most prestigious universities in the country (known as Russel Group universities) are also the most competitive when it comes to trying to get a place. We’re proud that ten our of our Year 13s won a place at these universities. We have students going to study medicine, history, English literature, physics and biomedical sciences at universities like University College London, Leeds, Liverpool and Manchester.
  • Every Year 13 student who applied to university was successful in getting a place and the vast majority got their first choice! In fact, over two thirds of the Year 13 cohort will be going to university this autumn.
  • Many of our Year 13s chose to begin their full time working lives by applying for jobs and apprenticehips. Several students have been successful in their applications and now enter the world of work in sectors like household security, dental treatments, software development and insurance. 


Case-study students:

Student 1 – Sam Clarke:  Sam has always known that he wanted to work in the accountancy and finance sector. This year, he was offered an unconditional place at Leeds Trinity University. Sam continued to thrive in his A Levels and never lacked motivation. He achieved Di*Di* in IT, Merit in Business and a B in the Extended Project Qualification, where he wrote a brilliant dissertation on the status of the UK as a tax haven.

Student 2 – Niki Lam:  Niki has always been extremely dedicated to her studies. After achieving A grades in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Extended Project, Niki is now going on to study Biomedical Sciences at Kings College London.

Student 3 – Tiffany Leong:  Tiffany moved to the UK at the age of 15. Tiffany is passionate about Civil Engineering and has gained a place at University College London after gaining A* in Graphics, A in Mathematics, A in Physics, A in EPQ and B in Chinese.

Student 4 – Adam Cooper:  Adam decided to take the A level English Language over the course of just 9 months in order to improve his chances of success. Despite having such a short amount of time to complete the course, Adam achieved an A grade in English Language. Adam similarly achieved an A in EPQ, in addition to a B in History and a C in English Literature. Adam has gained a place at Leeds University to study English.

Student 5 – Kayleigh WIlcock:  Kayleigh is an extremely intelligent and principled young woman who is very interested in the way that society functions. Kayleigh excelled this year, achieving Di*Di* in Art, A* in Sociology, A in EPQ and B in History. Kayleigh will study History and Sociology at Manchester University.

Student 6 – Aiden Daniel:  Aiden achieved phenonemally well resulting in him being awarded an  A* Mathematics, A in Chemistry, A in Physics and A in EPQ. Aiden will now study Theoretical Physics at the University of Leeds.

Student 7 – Tia Gibbon:  Tia, one of LWA’s star actresses, worked extremely hard to achieve a place at Northumbria University studying Drama. She achieved Di*Di* in Performing Arts, Distinction in Business and a B in Drama.

Student 8 – Joshua Taylor:  Josh is an incredibly dedicated student. After spending 2 weeks undertaking work experience at a local, small business he was promptly offered a full-time role to begin after completing sixth form. Josh was extremely proud, but politely declined as he didn’t want to miss out on the experience of university. Despite this, he has continued to volunteer at the company one day each week and is trusted to undertake a number of responsibilities, including working directly with customers and on ‘live’ jobs.  Josh was successful in achieving Distinction* in Business, Distinction* in IT, A in graphics and B in EPQ. He will study Business Management at the University of Leeds.



Celebrating work experience

All year 12 students participated in one week’s work experience in the last week of July. There was a wide range of jobs and industries being sampled including…


Post-16 pathways

We are proud to be able to offer a broad curriculum at Post-16, helping students with different ambitions and goals achieve their next steps. We have divided the Post-16 curriculum into different pathways to help our stakeholders understand the different options available.

Level 2 pathway (1 year): The level two pathway is one year in duration and exists to support students who need to focus on English and Maths GCSE. Students will also study Level 2 BTECs in Health and Social Care, PE or Public Services. At the end of the one year course, students may begin two-year L3 course with us, or move on to find a different training provider.

Level 3 vocational pathway (2 years): Students on this pathway will study largely vocational subjects like BTEC Sport, BTEC Health and Social Care or BTEC Information Technology. These are new reformed qualifications and most subjects now include challenging exams as well as the more traditional coursework. Students do have the opportunity to re sit their BTEC exams once and therefore many will make their first attempt at passing it at the end of Year 12. 

Level 3 academic pathway (2 years): 
Students on this pathway will study 4 Advanced Levels (A levels) in Year 12 and this may drop down to 3 A levels in Year 13 depending on their ambitions for university. A-Levels are very challenging qualification and though many have some coursework, their majority of each qualification is measured through external examinations.

The Football Academy:  Any student who is successful in getting into the football academy will engage with several hours of high quality training as well as have the opportunity to play in competitive matches. Football Academy students will study L2 or L3 qualifications ensuring they receive a broad and balanced education whilst at sixth form.

Combining vocational and academic subjects: It is completely appropriate for students to study a mix of academic and vocational subjects based on their interests and goals.

Resitting English and Maths: Any student who has not achieved a grade 4 in GCSE English Language or Maths will be given additional lessons and the opportunity to re-sit these examinations in November and June.

Students’ prior attainment: Students achievement at GCSE is the biggest factor in determining what options they have available to study at Sixth Form. If students get better exam results they have more options available to them.