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Art & Design Year 7 Curriculum

Assignment 1


During assignment 1, ‘Elements of Art’, students will be introduced to the core skills of Art and Design. Core skills strengthen their understanding of art by giving them a full toolkit of ‘the basics’ that we feel every learner should have.

Elements of Art includes learning about line, tone, colour, form, shape, pattern and texture.

To complete this unit, students will create a piece of work which celebrates their understanding of the formal elements of art and demonstrates an application of skills and creative thought. Teachers will set homework tasks which will allow them to practise at home.


During this assignment, students will have the opportunity to further develop their drawing and painting skills which will be assessed throughout the unit.


Assignment 2


Assignment 2 will focus on ‘World Art’ and look at how diverse cultures can influence one another within Art & Design. Students will have the opportunity to explore Japanese art, aboriginal culture and pieces from the Mexican festival ‘Day of the Dead’.


To complete this unit students will create a final piece or outcome which could either be a 3D sculptural response or a mixed media creation. Towards the end of this assignment student work will be assessed to check on understanding of different artistic movements. Applied techniques and creativity will all be considered during the assessment process.


Assignment 3


During Assignment 3, students will investigate the world of Robots and their relationship with human society. Pupils will consider the cultural significance of Robots and their representation within art, literature and the cinema. This assignment will see pupils experiment with photographic techniques, printmaking and ceramic practices, resulting in a kiln fired outcome.


At the end of assignment 3, teachers will complete an assessment which will check student understanding of the content covered, and skills used throughout the school year.
The year 7 Art and Design curriculum offers a broad, engaging and exciting opportunity for students to make progress whilst embracing Art and Design.

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