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Work of the Week

Celebrating Incredible Work

Every day we create incredible work across Leeds West Academy - in each and every subject. This week's selection comes from Year 8 Spanish students, who have been presenting some incredible writing. The work was so outstanding that Ms Dixon shared the work with other subject specialists.

Ms Dixon explains: "I love sharing students' successes and this one is spectacular. As the quality of work went beyond that of KS3, I showed the work to specialists to moderate what grade at GCSE they would award. The DC assessment was an unseen GCSE writing question, in timed conditions, with no support of a dictionary, or key words taken into the exam."

Responses to the work came from London, Wakefield, Newcastle and Birmingham:

"It's Year 8! Nope, never ever could mine do that. No Year 11 could either."
"The breadth of language is phenomenal - how have you managed to cover all that grammar content in two years?"
"This is exceptional. Would you consider sharing an overview of your assessments?"
"It's blown me away to be honest. There is no way, shape or form my Year 10 could tackle this so well. It's amazing. The tenses!"

Ms Dixon adds: "Our students are outperforming students who are two years older than they are. Their Modern Foriegn Language futures are very bright. Well done to Aidan, Kaci, Tally, Abbie and Alex, in addition to thirty other students who are excelling just as rapidly in this subject with equally impressive work."

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