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Work of the Week

Celebrating Incredible Work

Every day we create incredible work across Leeds West Academy - in each and every subject. This week's piece comes from Year 13 Art students Lydia, Bethany, Kayleigh, Billie and Sonia as part of their BTEC Sculpture Unit 81. The sculpture is inspired by artist Mark Jenkins.

Ms Wright explains: "This piece is wrapped in cling film around the students and then covered in many layers of sellotape. We did this in stages such as legs/arms/body and then joined the elements together at the end. We filled in with polystyrene packing peanuts to add colour and support the structure."

Mr Wheeler adds: "This dramatic piece of art is a welcome addition to the Academy's studios. Well done Lydia, Bethany, Kayleigh, Billie and Sonia; this is very memorable and impressive example of full scale sculpture, which is inspiring our younger artists to take on large, ambitious projects of their own."

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