Leeds West Academy


Students Learn Sign Language

Communicating without words 

Leeds West Academy were delighted to welcome Mr Aftab Hussain from British Sign Language Organisation, who worked with 30 Year 10 Childcare students and 10 Year 12 Health and Social Students. 

The sessions were a great success with all the students who took part and by the end of a one hour session they could all use basic sign language to communicate with not only each other but with the tutor as well.  All the students were enthusiastic and engaged throughout and some have them have signed up for a further opportunity to become proficient in this additional skill. 

One student said "The session was fun and engaging, and although the tutor could not speak or hear, we understood what he was teaching us and were able to repeat it back.  I learnt loads".

Another said “I want to learn more sign language because it was really interesting and it would mean that I could communicate and understand people who had additional needs much better. I didn't want it end".

Mrs Guy said "All the students were fantastic and towards the end of the session, they were asking Mr. Hussain questions using sign language.  It was great to see the students engaging in something they had never tried or understood before.  The smiles and engagement was wonderful to see.”