Leeds West Academy


Student of the Week

Inspired by History

Congratulations to Charlotte, who is Leeds West Academy's student of the week.

Ms Winterlich, Charlotte's History teacher, said: "This week we had a History lesson and learnt about slavery. The content was very powerful and everyone made progress and learnt something new. Charlotte came to find me the next day; she had written three sides of A4 telling the story of a slave's journey across the Atlantic. This was not a set homework and Charlotte had done the work completely of her own choice, because she felt inspired by the history she learnt."

Mr Wilcocks adds: "Well done Charlotte, this is a wonderful story. History is a powerful subject as it inspires us to learn from the events of the past. To create your own story based on true events, especially a subject so powerful, demonstrates your focus on learning about new subjects, whilst exploring them in a creative way. Keep up this high standard in your learning."

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