Leeds West Academy


Student of the Week

Maintaining a superb standard

Congratulations to Phallon, who is Leeds West Academy's student of the week.

Mr Rand said: "Phallon is an outstanding student who is diligent, supportive and has shown superb stamina in all of her studies. She is a well-mannered student who conducts herself with maturity and confidence, demonstrating an exceptional determination to succeed. Phallon is accelerating in her subjects, upholding our Core Values of Resilience and Aspiration."

Mr Wilcocks adds: "Well done Phallon. It's great to hear how you are working hard to secure the best possible results in your work. Maintain this standard, as it will put you in a position of great strength when it comes to tacking your examinations. Putting the work in today will deliver great benefits for tomorrow."

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