Leeds West Academy

Student of the Week

Congratulations to Amy, who is Leeds West Academy's student of the week.

Ms Ward said: “Amy is truly living by the Academy values. She has been resilient in her revision for her exams this week and she has done this independently. She has demonstrated participation in helping others within her group with revision techniques. She has shown respect to others by helping within Year 10 lessons. She has also demonstrated responsibility by taking it upon herself to help a student whose blazer needed fixing.

 “Not only does Amy demonstrate how she aspires to be a primary school teacher in her outstanding PDP work. She also helps other students aspire to do well both her peers and to students below her.”

 The Year 10 form group added "Amy is hard working, strong minded, demonstrates resilience in everything that she does and makes the effort to go out of her way to help others  .

 "Most of all Amy is always friendly around the Academy and there to help."


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