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Stonewall School Champions

Acceptance without Exception

During Leeds West Academy's Key Stage 4 Options Evening on 15th March, The Leeds West Academy LGBT Campaign Group set up an information stall for both parents/carers and students.

The stall provided interactive quizzes and information booklets to raise awareness and promote LGBT acceptance. The awareness-raising collection of resources - which included colourful cakes - was an amazing success as both parents, staff and pupils commented on the fantastic presentation of materials, which was a positive way to spread the school's message of equality.

Mrs Snowden said: "This was absolutely amazing. Inclusion and education are the foundations to acceptance. A brilliant stall."

Another parent wrote: "This is brilliant idea, giving young people the encouragement they need."

Ms Hutchinson added: "There was such amazing buzz around Options Evening with different educational stalls on offer. Parents and students who visited the LGBT stall were so supportive and positive around the steps we are taking to make Leeds West Academy even more inclusive and supportive. The young people who arranged the stall and created the resources are a credit to the school and wider community. "

The next stage for The Leeds West Academy LGBT Campaign Group was to meet with Principal Mr Wheeler and School Governor Ms Rogers, to discuss further plans for the campaign group. The focus is to now become a Stonewall School Champion.  

Mr Wheeler said: "This was an incredibly positive and productive breakfast meeting which produced a strong action plan to move further forwards Leeds West Academy becoming a Stonewall School Champion. What makes our school and Sixth Form so inspiring how we demonstrate maturity and conduct, extending respect to one another. I am immensely proud of our student community and the way in which we uphold individual identities without prejudice. This is, without doubt, what typifies the Leeds West Way. Well done to The Leeds West LGBT Campaign Group on driving this focus forward across our school community."