Leeds West Academy


Staying Safe Over the Summer


Self-awareness advice

This week PC Chambers, our Safer Schools Police Officer, delivered an assembly to students outlining safety and security over the Summer holidays.

The topics covered included staying safe indoors, including cyber safety and the dangers of meeting up with anyone online. Discussion on staying safe outdoors included talks on anti-social behaviour, the dangers of underage drinking and the risks of swimming in nearby rivers and canals. PC Chambers also highlighted recent news stories which involved the local area.

PC Chambers said: “At a time when schools are under pressure to protect students from online and offline hazards, information and awareness is a vital; helping to develop young peoples’ resilience to the risks and pressures they face in today's world. Children should stick to well-lit routes, pay attention to surroundings and not walk alone where possible. We encourage everyone to report any suspicious incidents to their safer schools officer or the police via 101.”

Foundation School Leader Ms Sandham added: “Summer is a wonderful time for our students and a welcome break from all their hard work throughout the year, but we want everyone to be aware of the risks so that the holidays can be enjoyed as safely as possible.”

West Yorkshire Police provide a service to answer all of your questions about online and public safety, available through their website at: http://www.westyorkshire.police.uk/help-advice/ask-police