Leeds West Academy


Staff Training Day

School closed to students on Friday 24th March

Following our Ofsted inspection earlier this month, the Academy is performing a Staff Training Day which will take place on Friday 24th March 2017. This forms an important part of our initial response to the developmental points raised by inspectors
during the inspection.

Leeds West Academy is part of The White Rose Academies Trust’s 2020 Vision. This means that over the next three years, the school is on a journey to become outstanding. We are committed to achieving our ambitious vision and hope that you will continue to support us throughout this period and specifically in the running of this training day.

The Training Day on 24th March is a response to Ofsted’s findings and is part of a wider programme of school improvement, which will directly benefit the learning outcomes of our students. Specifically, we are focusing on our transformational journey, which includes; target setting, minimum classroom expectations in practice, behaviour management and the planning of learning objectives and outcomes.

We wish to reassure our wider school community that Leeds West Academy is firmly establishing itself as one of the most vibrant and progressive schools in the region. We are now cultivating a body of teachers and leaders from top-rated schools to drive forward our vision of outstanding, which we will meet by 2020. 

Mr Wheeler said: "I apologise for any inconvenience that this training day may cause, but hope that you understand the importance of responding to feedback from Ofsted in order to ensure the best education for your child. Thank you for your continuing support."

A printer-friendly version of the letter home from 9th March is available to download here.



An Opportunity for Revision

As we approach the final few weeks prior to the summer examinations, a renewed focus on preparation, organisation and revision is essential to ensure that your child achieves as highly as they possibly can. We understand that is a demanding time for young people as they sprint to the finish line following years of study; so we’ve put in place a number of helpful support systems to ensure students reach their full potential at this pivotal point in their lives. 

As you may be aware, recent changes to GCSEs and other Key Stage 4 qualifications means that more than ever, students’ performance in examinations is crucial to the final grade they will receive in the summer. 

Coursework, or controlled assessment, has been phased out in some subjects. How much this type of assessment contributes to the final GCSE grade may have also been significantly reduced in other subjects. Therefore, the need for students to revise at home has become more important than ever.  Obviously, as an Academy, we provide revision sessions after school and during the holidays, but examination and GCSE success must also stem from students being able to revise and make progress at home. 

All students have been provided with revision guides and workbooks for the majority of subjects to support with revision. Once the students have left the school gates, it becomes more difficult for us to monitor the amount of revision students are doing at home.  This is where we are asking for your support in ensuring your child is revising at home. 

By visiting the Revision Guidance section of the website, students will be able to find revision tips and access to the LWA Revision Guide. In this booklet you will not only find effective ways to revise, but also a breakdown of all subjects with information on how many examinations-per-subject students will sit, how long each exam lasts and specific information on how to prepare for the exam. 

We will be holding revision and intervention classes over the Easter break, and will be contacting you in due course with further information about these sessions.  Your support in ensuring that your child is attending these sessions, where necessary, and doing structured revision at home will make a significant difference to how they perform in the summer. 

This summer will shape the future of Year 11. By supporting your child’s revision and learning at home, together we can ensure they will reach their full potential come examinations next term.

To view or download a printer-friendly PDF of the guide, click here.

Download the PDF version of The LWA Big 6.