Leeds West Academy


Sports Presentation Evening 2016

20th May saw the 4th annual Sports Presentation Evening take place at Leeds West Academy. The evening was dedicated to celebrating the progress and achievement of students within the Diversity Hub, which featured a gala buffet, unique musical performances and a new routine from the Starlight Cheerleaders.

This year's guest speaker was English Rugby legend Tim Stimpson, who was humble, enlightening, honest and incredibly funny; Tim’s words of advice echoed the ethos of the LWA Sports Contract and all the hard work which the PE department continue to put in for the students.

Tim Stimpson said: "Have the confidence to make things happen. Celebrate when things go well. Thank your friends for making it possible. If you've got a problem just ask; we've all encountered problems, we all make mistakes. Don't ever be afraid to ask for help, because people like to help each other, and there will be a time when you will be able to help them in return."

The Academy sports journalists asked some probing and impromptu questions, which were applauded by the 300-plus audience. The Starlight Cheerleaders performance was also highly praised by all who attended, as was the process of awarding trophies to our local primary schools. Principal Mr Hinchliffe summarised: "The future of sport is looking very bright for Leeds West Academy."

Mr Long added: "There was a superb turn out from students and parents, supporting students' achievements in various sport categories. Deafening clapping, cheering and huge smiles capped off a fine evening that wasn't dampened by the poor weather. Well done to everyone involved."