Leeds West Academy


STEM Chemistry Show

An explosive lecture ignites and inspires.

Leeds West Academy students were invited to an explosive lecture in the theatre on Tuesday 3rd November. The STEM Chemistry Show delighted students from Years 7 to 13, who were on the edge of their seats throughout a demonstration of blazing light and explosive sound. The second STEM Chemistry Show is part of the White Rose Academies STEM Programme, which has the aim of engaging students' interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

The hour-long performance was a demonstration of different chemical reactions led by Mr Smithson, Area Team Leader for Science. Its central theme of "energy" included high speed hydrogen rockets and a unique presentation of liquid oxygen. The young audience were captivated by colourful displays from oscillating chemical reactions and wowed by a humble packet of salt and vinegar crisps spontaneously exploding into a spectacular spray of sparks.

Tracy Foy, who leads the STEM programme, said today: "I knew the show would appeal to our students but their involvement and enthusiasm bowled me over. One student said to me it was the best school show they'd ever seen. That's great praise from a very choosy audience."

Principal Nick Hinchliffe added: "We thank Mr Smithson, Ms Foy and Mr Edoyise for a tremendous display of STEM in action, inspiring our future scientists in the most practical and exciting way. We look forward to a continuing programme of inspiring STEM activities, which will be taking place throughout this year."