Leeds West Academy


Pupil Feedback on Careers Development

CIAG with LCC & Ahead Partnership

Seven pupils took part in a student voice session as part of an annual audit of the service provided by Ahead Partnership to ensure the aims and objectives initially agreed and stated in the contract are being met through the delivery of specific activities during the academic year. The main aims of the partnership are:

• To improve links with local businesses
• To prepare students for the ‘World of Work’
• To reduce the percentage of ‘NEET’s.

All students agreed that the sessions that they took part in were very beneficial and had increased their confidence levels when talking to professional people. They did feel that they were completely out of their comfort zone and this made them feel anxious at the start however they felt that they had conquered any fears and anxieties by taking part in all the sessions and not giving up at any point.

Some of the student’s comments were:

‘I feel much more confident about talking to people outside the school’
‘I enjoyed talking to the same person about some of things that worried me about work’
‘I liked working as a team with different people.’
‘It made me quite nervous talking to someone who was not a teacher in school but I really enjoyed it’
I learnt a lot about presentation skills needed for work’

Leeds City College – 25th November

As part of the service provided by Leeds City College to offer support and guidance in ensuring that the students can access independent careers advice and complete a work experience placement, the college asked if they could gather evidence on how accessible the college is to young people who are seeking further education after completing their GCSEs.

The students all stated that they were familiar with Leeds City College and knew how to obtain careers information from school about further education available to them in the Leeds area. Out of the eight students sampled, six of them were very clear in what they would like to do as a future career but only four had taken the opportunity to attend ‘Open days/evenings’ for other establishments to find out more information. All the students had attended the Leeds West Academy Open Evening and found the evening very useful.

Some of the comments from the students were:

‘I want to study Law and I went to the Leeds City College ‘Open Evening’ to find out information, I also came to the evening at LWA but I think I prefer the idea of being more independent and going to a bigger college.’
‘I like the idea of staying at school until I have more ideas of which future career I would like to do.’
‘I don’t mind traveling to college but I think it will be easier for me to get to LWA’
‘I like the idea of knowing all the staff so I would prefer to come back to sixth form’.