Leeds West Academy


Professional Mentoring

A five-a-day vehicle with local business

Business colleagues came from ASDA, CALBEE, IBM, KPMG, University of Leeds, Calderdale Hospital and the Department of Health to collaborate with Leeds West Academy students this term.

All students and business colleagues took part in a 'Getting-to-know-you' session, where they were placed in teams and had to build a fully functional Vegetable Cart - literally a vehicle made from vegetables! The production process required imaginative thinking and some dexterous engineering.

The teams competed against each other to see how far their cart would travel and were subsequently judged on creativity and the variety of vegetables utilised effectively.

The business colleagues enjoyed being back in a school environment and are looking forward to the next session, which takes place in school on 25th January and will be led by the representatives from Calbee.

One student, Courtney Mcdonald, said: "It was very daunting at first and I really felt out of my comfort zone but I enjoyed it and got on well with my mentor."