Leeds West Academy


Nurture work with Trinity Kitchen


Building essential life skills with local business 

A selection of our young people at Leeds West Academy are taking part in a nurture accredited course that involves working as a team and building essential life skills such as communication, problem solving and interpersonal skills.

Part of this course has involved working with the Ahead Partnership and the Trinity Kitchen.  This involved an exciting opportunity to learn about business and enterprise. Following the completion of the course the young people had learnt new skills and had an amazing enriching educational experience.

 Steph from the partnership said:  "I noticed a growth in confidence, communication skills and team work throughout the three sessions and the students today compared to session one were much more comfortable with me, and each other, which was great to see.

 "The students are really respectful towards how much their teachers value their well-being and the Nurture Provision is an outstanding department within Leeds West. It has been an absolute pleasure working with all of you."

Ms Hutchinson added: "I am really proud of the students that have taken part and the accreditation will help them achieve employment in years to come."