Leeds West Academy


New House System at Leeds West Academy

At Leeds West Academy this September we have launched our new House System 

Every student and member of staff who is a member of the Leeds West Academy community is also a member of a ‘house’. Each student is given a house tie of the house they represent. For Post 16 students and staff, this is represented by the colour of their lanyard.

The Head of House will drive the House System to promote ethos and values, student aspiration and develop pride in the academy and wider community. The aim for the House System is to develop cross curricular and extra curricular opportunities for students to engage in healthy competition, greater engagement and genuine community spirit. 

During our start of the year training days, all staff got into the spirit of the House System by undertaking a number of team building and professional development tasks which allowed them to earn points for their new Houses. 

We will be announcing the current points tally (including those earned by the staff) next week in our inaugural House assemblies.