Leeds West Academy


National Poetry Day

National Poetry Day, the annual mass celebration of poetry and all things poetical, marked its 21st birthday on Thursday 8th October 2015.

At Leeds West Academy, students were given the chance to write and read poetry on the theme of "Light" in all of their subjects. In some English classes, students were inspired by the Hindu festival of Diwali and the annual celebrations of Light Night Leeds to create poems using the line "rows of lighted lamps" as inspiration. This is the literal English translation of the Hindu word Diwali.

Some of the best examples were copied onto classroom whiteboards for others to read and enjoy throughout the day. Special congratulations go to Jack Laverick, William Jones, Rui Landim, and Beck Tovey, whose poems were displayed for the national celebration. Students remarked that this was like having your work "put up on the fridge door of the Academy."

We thank Ms. Borthwick and the English Department for an inspirational selection of lyrical work. More details about National Poetry Day can be found at The Forward Arts Foundation website: forwardartsfoundation.org/national-poetry-day


Rows of lighted lamps

Light the street of the goddess:

Smoke from the firecrackers

Fogs up the world

But the light always breaks through.

(Beck Tovey)




As the sun rose up into

The moonlit sky

The stars begin to twinkle,

Glisten in the eye.

Rows of lighted lamps make

the cities glow,

Warding off evil

To the depths below.

(William Jones)




The dark rows of lighted lamps

In the middle of town never

Let anyone down.

The night was deep black;

Children screaming in the dark-

Full of happiness

Until - blue, pink, purple

Fireworks splash in the sky.

(Rui Landim)




Rows of lighted lamps

Glow in the streets

Like candles in the air.

Light fills the air

Like it fills your heart-

Full of joy!

Be nice to everyone.

If you like light then

Light will love you:

There will be no more darkness,

Just light for you.

(Jack Laverick)