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How to Succeed at GCSE

To maximise your chances of success and boost your GCSE grade, it is important to begin out-of-school practice and revision from the very start of Year 11.

There are many online resources available for practice, revision and help with homework. The list below includes some recommendations of Maths websites and notes on how to use them.

Spend time outside school practicing the topics you are currently studying in class. This will deepen your understanding. Build a list of topics that you feel less confident with. Practise these regularly too.

To revise, pick a topic, find a list of questions from one of these websites and complete them. If they have answers mark your work, and if you are stuck with one/they don’t have answers then speak to your teacher (after-school sessions are an ideal time for this).


Includes answers, and is ideal for a ‘quick ten questions’ when revising. Lots of worksheets, exam-style questions and games.


Revision guides, question banks and worked examples across all of the core GCSE topics.


Lots of worksheets, exam-style questions and practice papers with answers, as well as videos demonstrating how to tackle question types.


Includes examples and definitions, as well as some past papers.


An excellent resource for developing all of the important GCSE skills. See the next page for user name/password and how to use the website.


  • Higher ‘Targets’ mean more difficult questions and higher grades.
  • Some of the topics also include a slider bar to increase difficulty again.


A final word of advice:

Make sure that you are doing all of these to maximise your chances of success in GCSE Maths:

  • Come to every lesson on time, and ready to learn.
  • Engage with the learning 100% - carefully copy out examples, work through practice questions provided, ask for help when you need it, and don’t be afraid to make mistakes!
  • Complete every homework to a high standard, using online resources or asking your teacher where necessary.
  • Find out when you can attend after-school maths sessions – these are an excellent way to get extra help and practice, often in a smaller group. If you find it difficult to study at home these sessions are ideal. Teachers are already running these sessions on Wednesdays – ask your Maths teacher today!
  • Start your exam preparation NOW! One additional hour of practice at home, five times a week, is a great start.


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