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Leeds Book Awards

Students Shortlist Books in the 11-14 Category

This term Leeds West Academy students have been working with Ms Walker, Academy Librarian, ahead of the Leeds Book Awards later this year.

The Leeds Book Awards started in 2009 and has evolved into a successful city-wide initiative, run jointly between Leeds School Library Service and Leeds Public Libraries. Leeds West Academy has been proudly involved in the programme for several years.

This year our students have been submitting their reviews for shortlisted titles, which are now available to view on the LBA website at leedsbookawards.co.uk. There also follows a selection of reviews below.

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'Instructions for a Second Hand Heart' review by Eli

 "I don't know where to start with this extraordinary book. The book itself had been so finely written and certain parts of this book made me laugh, cry and nevertheless intriguing me into the world of Niamh and Johnny. It is an amazing love story and some sections are very relatable like the thought track of Niamh and Johnny. I also love how the book has many solutions yet another problem is just sitting on the horizon. This book is one of the best books I have read and the first book that was over 300 pages that I read in just 3 days. I love how Murray made me feel like I was in the world and I thought it was very creative how two perspectives were shown that then interlocked. It's very heart-warming and would recommend to anyone who likes love stories and, to be frank, loves books in general. I am so happy that I had the chance to read this marvelous book that Tamsyn Murray put so much effort and research into making. I can tell you it was all worth it, every single second. Thanks, Tamsyn Murray. What an extraordinary author."

Instructions for a Second-Hand Heart review by Troy

I didn't enjoy this book, for the pure reason that it was too predictable. I knew from the get-go that someone was going to die in the end. While it was a good book it was too much like other books I have read like 'The Fault in Our Stars' by John Green. It had too many resemblances to the other books in this genre. I think it did too much of a job trying to make us sad that we never got connected to the characters. Therefore I'm giving it a 1.

'ReMade' review by Kyle

This book was very interesting, it made me want to read more as I was engaged in the storyline, it had mixed emotions. I wish I wrote something like this because it is inspiring, I noticed that it is associated with today's society I really enjoyed it and would definitely read it again, I recommend that people should read this first.


Read more reviews at the LGB website at leedsbookawards.co.uk.