Leeds West Academy


Keeping Leeds Safe

In light of recent events in London, West Yorkshire Police leaders have made the following statement:

"Most will have seen on the news the events which happened in London on Wednesday afternoon. The police have plans in place to deal with these threats, and have to consider whether there is a possibility of something similar happening in Leeds.

At present, we have no information which would suggest that a similar attack is going to happen here. However, to reassure anyone who might be concerned, we have arranged for more officers to be on duty at places such as shopping centres, and near schools and parks.

The public should not be worried about the presence of more police, they are simply there to help keep you safe.

Anybody who has information to help into the investigation of what happened should report it to the police. Anyone seeing something suspicious should also tell the police."


For more details visit www.westyorkshire.police.uk.