Leeds West Academy


Furthering Photochemistry

Leeds West Academy's Photography courses are expanding with a new investment in image capture technology. Whilst offering cutting-edge facilities in digital photography, including the full Adobe Suite for Mac and Windows, students are experiencing traditional black and white film as a new, bold process for image creation.

Mr Hargreaves, department head of CDVA, explains: "Within the CDVA department at Leeds West Academy, our new school building has provided the opportunity to install a darkroom and film processing facility, offering students the option of re-discovering film and its unique properties as a renewed art form."

CDVA currently operates five optical enlargers for printing in the darkroom, whilst offering a dozen 35mm film SLR cameras and several medium format Holga cameras.

Mr Payne, Theatre & Arts Manager, adds: "Students from Year 8 to Year 13 are discovering how exciting and tactile film photography can be, by hand-processing film and creating paper prints using chemical techniques. The results are uniquely different and experimental. In addition to learning a new medium, students are demonstrating strong cross-curricular skills between Art and Chemistry in their darkroom practice."

In addition to film and digital methods of photography, Leeds West Academy also offers a digital scanning facility for students to digitize film images, providing a hybrid workflow for student photographers as a strong foundation to professional practice and higher education.

For a selection of film and digital images, visit Leeds West Academy's Flickr page here.