Leeds West Academy


From Chicks to Eclipse

Students from various year groups who have demonstrated outstanding performance in Science, Technology or Maths this term were selected to participate in numerous activities over the past fortnight to celebrate National Science Week.
These exciting opportunities involved students working alongside either industry and research leaders at the local universities or highly qualified academics as part of academy-based workshops. The students were able to develop new skills ranging from lock-picking to quantitative analysis of real life blood samples. Each of the events aimed to develop the teamwork and data analysis skills of all the participants, as well as showing the breath of career opportunities available through STEM-based subjects.

Mr Crozier said: “These recent events were such a great success due to the ability of students to take micro ideas and apply them to a macro scale during the various activities. This proved how these complex theories can be applied to a variety of every day scenarios.”

Other STEM activities including the popular arrival of a dozen chicks from an incubator between Monday and Friday, concluding with a unique observation of the solar eclipse using long-range video cameras.
All the students showed great enthusiasm over the duration of the events, as well as an eagerness to invest more time pursing a STEM-based career in the future. One Year 8 student stated: “This trip will have a useful effect on my future, not only could it help me to decide what I want to do at University, but it can also help me make a decision on what I want my career to be when I am older.”