Leeds West Academy

Final Bow for Billy Elliot


After months of hard work and preparation, Leeds West Academy’s sensational production of Billy Elliot came to close last week,

Billy Elliot sees young Billy striving to follow his dreams of becoming a dancer, set against the hugely emotive context of the mining strike of 1984, and his battle against the pre-conceived views of the community he lives in. 

Mr Paylor said: “One of the main reasons we chose to do Billy Elliot was to take on a more challenging production, exploring topics that resonate with our local area. Aside from getting the students involved in performing this wonderful production, it has also opened their eyes to the events of the strike, and the history of mining in Yorkshire and the political landscape of the 19870s/80s.”

The 5-night production opened on Monday 29th January and quickly become one of the Academy’s most successful productions.

Academy Principal Mr Wilcocks said: “Wow!  I had heard so many reviews of the first four nights of Billy Elliot.  I had heard it was an amazing show but nothing prepared me for the utter brilliance of what I witnessed on the closing night.  The degree of professionalism, flair, talent, attention to detail was profound.  In short, I was blown away

“In over 20 years in education, I have never seen such an amazing production.”

Leeds West Academy wishes to thank everyone who attended the performances with special thanks and congratulations extended to all the incredible students and staff involved in the show's development.

The cast of Billy Elliot have also been voted Leeds West Academy’s Students of the Weeks.