Leeds West Academy

Expectations for Academy Uniform

Upholding pride, unity and equality

Dear Parent(s)*

I would like to thank our community for their support this week, ensuring we maintain a high standard of uniform and presentation across Leeds West Academy.

Our Uniform Policy has not changed this academic year, however we are providing more clarity and support in terms of how students should present themselves and wear our uniform. Our support includes detailed examples of shoes/trousers and where these can be purchased, in addition to a routine inspection which has identified some students who were not following the guidance provided in the Summer holidays.

The Uniform Policy exists to ensure that our whole school community presents itself with pride, promoting unity, equality and the values we uphold as an Academy. Whilst our policy remains the same, we are now upholding the consistent high standards which we expect in terms of behaviour, attendance and presentation. In support of those who need it, we are providing a stock of new shoes and trousers which can be borrowed from the Academy and returned at the end of the day, coupled with financial support for certain families.

The Uniform Policy is a key element of our school improvement programme, a two-year strategy which will ensure the best possible outcomes for our young people. The majority of our students have demonstrated outstanding standards of uniform this week, and we look forward to working together with parents and carers to ensure every young person succeeds and reaches their full potential at our school.

Thank you for your continued support. 

Yours sincerely, 

Christian Wilcocks


Details of support and guidance for uniform are available online at www.leedswestacademy.org.uk/Academylife/Uniform/

* The term ‘parent’ includes any person or body with parental responsibility such as a foster parent, carer, guardian or local authority.