Leeds West Academy


Results & Next Term Arrangements

Arrangements for our First Day Back - Wednesday 6th September 2017

  • There will be a staggered start to the day on our first day back.
  • For Years 8, 9, 10, 11 and 13, they will start at various points throughout the school day.
  • There will only be service buses available at these times, (for example, the Number 16 which stops on Intake Lane).
  • There will be no school bus service.
  • Please can parents make suitable arrangements for the safe passage of their child to LWA. As Year 7 and 12 start at 08.25am, they will be able to use the school bus service if required.


  • Year 7 and Year 12 to start at 08.25. (Service and school buses available at this time).
  • Year 8 and Year11 arrive at 10.35. (Service buses only. No school buses available at this time).
  • Year 9 and Year 10 arrive at 10.55. (Service buses only. No school buses available at this time).
  • Year 13 arrive at 9.55. (Service buses only. No school buses available at this time).
  • All students will finish school at 2.50pm. Service and school buses will be available at this time.
  • The school day will return to normal from Thursday 7th September 2017. All students will start at 8.25am and finish at 2.50pm. School and service buses will be available at this time.


Download a printer-friendly PDF version of these arrangements


Results 2017

The information below is aimed at giving parents and students information for GCSE results day. We know that this can be both an exciting and anxious time and we will ensure that students are given the guidance and support that is right for them. If any student and parent has any real concerns up to that point it is important to remember that, results, whilst important, never wholly define a person. With the right attitude and good guidance, everyone can achieve great things. 

GCSE Results Day - 24th August

The Academy will be open from 9am to 12pm.
Students will collect their results in the main canteen.
All students will then have a “Next Steps” interview with a member of the Advice and Guidance team.
All students signing up to our Sixth Form will be expected to do so on results day.
Key teachers will be on hand to congratulate and support all students. 

Sixth Form Results Day - 17th August

We are community Academy with a community Sixth Form. We want to support and challenge all our Post-16 students who have demonstrated a desire to learn to achieve excellence. We will have a range of pathways that will allow a wide range of students to make progress and help them to achieve their goals.
-A Level 2 pathway
-BTEC pathway
-BTEC/A-level pathway
-Pure A level pathway

If any student is still interested in attending the LWA Sixth Form and has not yet applied, they should contact Mr Rand at rand.j@whiteroseacademies.org as soon as possible. All Year 12s will be expected in school on 6th September at 8.25 where they will be directed to their new tutor groups.