Leeds West Academy


Collaborating with Cherry Tiger

Student Council steer new website design

Leeds West Academy's Student Council have with Louise Spencer and Dan James from advertising consultancy Cherry Tiger this term.

Cherry Tiger, based in Leeds, are working across The White Rose Academies Trust this year to develop three new websites, which includes a new student-orientated site due for release in 2017.

Dan and Louise asked Student Council what they expected to see on a school website and which websites they used most often. The Council's favourite websites included Facebook, Twitter, BBC News, BBC Sport and sites for shopping such as Amazon.

Tia said: "Because the school has improved so much in recent years it's hard to decide which subjects are the most special. I think that our Performing Arts specialism and our Sport facilities should be clearly shown on the new website, but all the other subjects should be prominent in their own way too."

Sixth Form suggested developing a microsite with more information about University open days, whilst Intermediate and Foundation School suggested easy-to-access Sports Timetables and more prominent shout-outs for students as well as teachers.

Mr Hinchliffe added: "We heard some great ideas today which we look forward to developing into a new, vibrant website for students, staff and the wider community to enjoy."

For more information about Cherry Tiger and their work, you can visit their website here.