Leeds West Academy


Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


On the 9th July the Foundation School performed Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, a musical based on the famous novel by Roald Dahl.

When Charlie Bucket wins one of the rare golden tickets promising a tour of the Wonka Chocolate Factory, he learns that the owner, Willy Wonka, is looking to share his confectionary empire. Upon passing a number of bizarre tests of courage and honesty, Charlie discovers he’s the one to inherit the magical factory.

The show was performed in the Leeds West Academy Theatre using state-of-the-art front projection effects with props built by CDVA and EEP. The show was also technically supported by a backstage EEP, with sound effects and lighting operated by the Foundation and Intermediate School.

Foundation School Leader Ms. Sandham said: "What a marvellous summer show the Foundation School have performed for us. With magical special effects, spectacular dance sequences and heartfelt drama, this is easily one of the finest shows we've seen.”

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory marks the final curtain call for Mrs Hargreaves and Ms Wittering, two long-serving teachers within Performing Arts who have provided a combined twenty years at Leeds West Academy, directing dance and drama in dozens of school productions.

Principal Mr Hinchliffe, who performed piano in the production, added: “It was a pleasure to be involved in this magical show. Our audience of all ages evidently enjoyed the action, dance and adventure. We thank Ms Wittering, Mrs Hargreaves and the entire crew for bringing this show to the stage. We also look forward to next year’s new and exciting programme of theatrical productions.”