Leeds West Academy


'Be Ready, Be Respectful, Be Safe.'

'Be Ready, Be Respectful, Be Safe.'

These are the three behaviours we ask all our students to develop both when they are with us throughout the day, and also beyond in our community. 

Following both discussions with our Student Parliament and staff, we decided we wished to simplify our expectations. 

Whilst 'Ready, Respectful, Safe' don't replace our 8 Bedrock Behaviours outlined in student planners, on our website and in our Positive Behaviour Policy, these are three simple behaviours we want students to remember.  I

f they get these right, it allows everyone to be able to make progress.  Likewise, three simple expectations have been developed for all staff to mirror Ready, Respectful and Safe. 

Staff are expected to ensure that all students are "known, Valued and Supported". 

'Ready, Respectful and Safe' is based on PIVOTAL Behaviour which is being adopted by a growing number of schools and is having a seismic effect on creating positive relationships between adults who work in educational establishments and the young people we serve. 

By ensuring we have calm and consistent adult behaviour; giving first attention to best conduct; following relentless routines; having scripted interventions and restorative follow ups, we will further develop the significant improvement we have already seen at Leeds West Academy.