Leeds West Academy


Achievement Day 2017

A festival celebrating achievement - designed by students for students

On Friday 14th July, Leeds West Academy experienced its first Achievement Day - a vibrant festival which celebrates progressachievement and resilience throughout the year. The event was arranged closely with students, who led on much of the planning and events throughout the day.

Achievement Day featured numerous stalls and entertainments across the Academy and on the grounds, including inflatable rides, movie showings, competitions, food stalls and more. Other treats on offer included a free ice cream van, a Bird of Prey demonstration show, a BBQ lunch on the terrace and the comfort of wearing PE kit for the full day.

Ms Jennings said: "The reason why we've done this is to reward the students for their hard work over the year. It's vital that we have a really positive day to reward our young people for the progression they've made over the year. Hopefully students will remember this, look forward to it next year, and improve their progress and their aspirations for the years to come.

Ms Davey adds: “For students to attend they day they have had to maintain 95% or above attendance between 8th May and 14th July and shown exceptional behaviour in lessons and around the Academy, which has been proven extremely successful for the school community.”

Cody said: "I've been on the bouncy castles, the obstacle course and it's been quite fun. I fell off the obstacle course a few times and now I'm having candy floss!" 

Mr Downing said: "It's marvellous - it's been wonderful seeing all these young people with big smiles on their faces. What a wonderful way to finish the year for them and for the staff." 

More pictures from the day are available in our online gallery here.

To watch a video from the day click Play: