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 341.png Modern Foreign Languages

For further information on the curriculum offered please contact the Academy F.A.O Grace Stamper (Head of Languages) 

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Modern Languages

The Modern Languages Department at LWA aims to promote the study of foreign languages within our school community and to help each and every student to achieve his and her potential and aspirations in this subject area. We aim to provide courses which are compelling, engaging, relevant and rewarding which enable our students to be resourceful, resilient, independent learners.

As a school and community we have a responsibility to prepare all our students for the global future which awaits them, and what better way to get them ready for this exciting future than by arming them with the skills that a foreign language offers?

21st Century learners must be resourceful and resilient. They must demonstrate a willingness to work independently and persevere when faced with challenges. It is through learning a modern language that we aim to embed these skills in our students. At every level from Year 7-13, we are developing courses which embrace new and compelling subject matter, whilst at the same time building their linguistic competence, promoting positivity and boosting self-confidence. We do this by careful planning and delivery of lessons, and a flexible forward-looking curriculum for all Key Stages. We aim to include active learning and thinking skills activities as a consistent approach to language acquisition, which in turn promotes independence and creativity.

All students from entry into Year 7 will study Spanish. Spanish is a world language which increasingly finds its way into nearly all aspects of our daily life and will undoubtedly plays a part in some way in all our student’s global futures. It is a language of business, of the Internet and of travel.

Key Stage 3

All students from entry into Year 7 will study Spanish, but we continue to have some students in year 8 who study French. Some of the project work undertaken in KS3 includes My New School project, Learning Through Landscapes and a film project. All students undertake assessment at regular intervals, receiving National Curriculum levels for each skills area of listening, reading, speaking and writing. They will also receive detailed and regular feedback for their teachers, helping them target certain areas of need. During their learning journey at KS3, we prepare their foundation for success at GCSE level, and eventually A-Level.

Key Stage 4

At Key Stage 4 we offer the full GCSE course in Modern Languages. This means that students will receive a full GCSE in this subject recognising all four skill areas (listening, reading, speaking and writing). In Year 11 students will sit their reading and listening exam, and during the course of the three years of study they will undertake two pieces of written controlled assessment, and two pieces of spoken controlled assessment. We work on all of these skills in equal measure ensuring a well-rounded experience and outcome for all our pupils. They will also receive detailed and regular feedback for their teachers, helping them target certain areas of need.