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English Year 7 Next Steps Curriculum

Courses in English

Key Stage 4

  • GCSE English Literature(WJEC)
  • GCSE English Language(WJEC)

 Key Stage 5 

  • A Level English Language(AQA)
  • A Level English Literature(AQA)
  • A Level Media Studies(WJEC)

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English - Year 9


English - Year 8


English - GCSE


English - Year 11



Parent/Carer Guide to CA in English

For further information on the curriculum offered please contact the Academy F.A.O Emily Crawford (Head of English)

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English is a subject that all of our pupils need: we believe that it should be a subject they love too. 

There is something for everyone within English. Students study a wide range of exciting authors, deconstruct various types of media texts and create many different forms of writing, as well as honing their spoken skills. As part of the joint specialism, we aim to not only raise achievement in English through quality teaching and high expectations, but also to raise achievement across the whole Academy in innovative and exciting ways. 

In English we work closely with the library to enhance students’ research skills and to foster a love of reading.  Year 7 and 8 students participate in Renaissance Reading - a computer-based programme designed to improve literacy skills, which students can access at home as well as in school. We also offer many exciting extra-curricular opportunities, such as theatre visits, creative writing workshops with local authors and the opportunity to participate in in-school competitions and challenges as well as the Readathon initiative.

Students work towards two qualifications at GCSE – English Language and English Literature – for which they are given the opportunity to explore a range of literature texts from Blood Brothers and An Inspector Calls to Romeo and Juliet and Of Mice and Men. In addition to this, students explore non-fiction writing and consider both their own and other’s spoken language and the impact it has.

The English team offers three qualifications at A Level – English Language, English Literature and Media Studies – that ensures opportunities for students of all interests and abilities.  For English Language, students are able to study texts in context, exploring how linguistic methods are used to create meaning and reach audiences. In addition to this, they also explore how children acquire language and how the English language has developed and changed over time. English Literature allows students the opportunity to engage with poetry, plays and novels and explore the writer’s craft. English Literature students are also given the opportunity to extend their classroom learning through theatre trips and other excursions. In Media Studies students engage with a variety of print-based and audio-visual texts, examining how different sub-sections of society are represented in the media and how audiences are created and targeted. They also create their own media texts and consider how they would fit into the existing marketplace.


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